Angela Halbert

General Manager

Tel: +1 647 260 0299

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Angela is General Manager of Toronto office.  She is responsible for leading the direction and management of the Swann Toronto business and ensuring sustainability of its operations. Angela joined Swann Global’s Melbourne office as senior web and group administrator in 2007 and was promoted to the role of executive assistant to the managing director. In 2010, Angela transferred to Swann’s Toronto office to assume responsibilities for managing the regional operations, marketing and events.  Prior to joining Swann, she worked for several years as an executive assistant at one of the largest social care provider organization in the UK where she was responsible for information management and gained knowledge of wide spectrum of HR practices.
Angela is known for her strong organisation transformation, project management and interpersonal skills having led and contributed to several major organisational restructuring and development projects. In addition, she has outstanding financial management and customer-focused skills.

Angela holds a diploma in business administration. She continually develops her knowledge of industry practices and is dedicated to the provision of the highest quality customer service.

Nona Sichinava

Global Head of Research

Tel: +1 647 260 0299
Mob: +1 647 823 5830

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Nona holds Master’s of Public Administration from Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia. Most of her professional and academic focus has been on multidisciplinary empirical research and turning data into strategic information. Her areas of expertise are labour force development programs and HR initiatives. Reflecting her diverse experiences, Nona’s interests lie in the area of the HR development issues, industry intelligence gathering, and consultancy studies. She is strongly attracted to the HR challenges faced by the mining industry and is constantly developing awareness of unique regional demands and solutions.