August 2016

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  • AusIMM Technical Session – 9 Aug 2016

    AusIMM Technical Session – 9 Aug 16 The AusIMM Technical session held on 9 August was part of the Distinguished Lecture Series was presented by Brian Hall, Principal Mining Engineer at AMC Consultants. Brian is an internationally-recognized expert in optimisation of mine plans and strategies for underground and surface mines and has authored a textbook […]

  • India – land of opportunities (a personal touch).

    India – land of opportunities. Nobody denies this. The largest democracy in the world (by population!), there is no dearth of employment or talent in the country. The path of globalisation chosen by PM Modi has definitely brought India to a global stage. The country has found its place again in business discussions, and in […]

  • Melbourne Mining Club August 4th 2016

    Melbourne Mining Club August 4th 2016 Guest Speaker – Andrew Smith, Chairman Shell Australia Swann Global had the great pleasure of hosting a diverse group of professionals as our guest at the Melbourne Mining Club luncheon on August 4th 2016. The guest speaker for the day was Mr. Andrew Smith, Chairman of Shell Australia. Shell […]