MinSouth – 13th October 2016

John Murray, Group Managing Director of Swann Global, had the pleasure of being a guest speaker at MinSouth’s AGM. John completed a presentation on the Evolving Natural Resources Industry.

In his presentation, John discussed the current complexities and challenges confronting the Mining and Metals industry. One outstanding issue addressed was the lacklustre return on investment in the Natural Resources sector. John developed the theme to discuss the importance of R&D to bolster innovative and technological advances aimed at creating greater efficiency; the changing face of Capital access; the importance of partnerships for successful penetration of Emerging markets; and the need for Talent renewal. John particularly highlighted the need for innovative technology to support the cost-constrained mines of tomorrow.

MinSouth is a local learned society of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining which aims to connect mining & minerals-related professionals based in London and the South East of England, to inform the wider public, and to support the IOM3 in its objectives.

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