AusIMM Technical Session – 9 Aug 2016

AusIMM Technical Session – 9 Aug 16Aussimm

The AusIMM Technical session held on 9 August was part of the Distinguished Lecture Series was presented by Brian Hall, Principal Mining Engineer at AMC Consultants. Brian is an internationally-recognized expert in optimisation of mine plans and strategies for underground and surface mines and has authored a textbook on this topic. He has over 40 years’ experience in the mining industry.

Brian spoke about “What do Mining Stakeholders Want and How Can Miners Deliver it?”
The various stakeholders in a mining company want variety of returns from its operations. Brian spoke about how it is possible to evaluate these and generate a mine plan that actually delivers the required returns. A key theme was understanding the trade-offs to achieve the optimum cut-off grade for operations, keeping in mind the different constraints. While miners are praised for achieving increased productivity and reduced costs, there are various other contributing factors like mining methods, production rates, sequencing, plant upgrades etc. which need to be taken into account to deliver an optimum mine plan or strategy.

The problem is then for all involved to identify how well the company is progressing in its delivery of those outcomes in both the short and long-term. Unfortunately, the focus on measures such as costs and productivities by fund managers, industry analysts, and mining company executives often drives strategies away from those that will deliver the desired goals.

Brian’s demonstrated how we can generate value-maximizing plans that will see us safely through the current downturn and set us up to do better than before in the next upturn. In doing this, he highlighted a key challenge which is: identifying and rewarding the companies and people who actually do that.

Sumant Dhumne – Senior Associate – Research at Swann Global is a Mining Engineer who has a sound understanding of mine planning. He has worked with some of the most talented Mine Panning Engineers in the industry. He understands the skills needed and complexity involved in generating optimum mine plans.Swann Global specialises in the resources industry and will be glad to assist your company to source the right talent for your mine planning needs.