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Mining and Society Part 3 – Mining’s relationship with technology

Mining has been an early adopter of some new tech yet remains more reliant on [...]

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There is a chasm between investor perception and mining reality that needs to be closed, [...]

Mining and Society Part 1 – Mining’s relationship with society

Mining provides employment, training and education, and contributes to the green revolution. Yet we hear [...]

Desafíos de la Equidad de Género en la Minería Chilena

El efecto de la pandemia del Covid-19 en la economía global ha sido devastadora en [...]

The fight to eradicate modern slavery

Audrey Lopez looks at measures to address modern day slavery, with examples of initiatives and [...]

Changing perceptions of mining

Mining has a PR problem.  Perceived by many as a polluting, destructive industry, the sector [...]