India – land of opportunities (a personal touch).

India – land of opportunities. Nobody denies this. The largest democracy in the world (by population!), there is no dearth of employment or talent in the country. The path of globalisation chosen by PM Modi has definitely brought India to a global stage. The country has found its place again in business discussions, and in an optimistic and futuristic way!

India is home for me. I have lived in Melbourne for six years now and am officially an Aussie citizen but still India is home (alright – second home). Anybody who has met me knows that India is, and always remain, a big part of me.

I recently spent a few weeks in India. Luckily for me, I am able to make use of my time in India to catch up with contacts who otherwise are hard to meet. Swann Global placed a senior executive in a mining company a few years ago and it is always my utmost pleasure to meet him and see how things are going for him and his family in India. India is a foreign place to live for him, and I must say I am so proud of the fact that he has completely immersed himself in the way of living here. He loves to cook ‘Roti’, has mastered the art of making ‘Chai’ and also tries to speak a few words in Hindi. His wife has also accepted the life in India as it is and is making a difference by volunteering in heritage museums and NGOs. It makes me very happy to see people like him who make the most of their time in a particular country/place and will create lifetime of memories in their adventure in India.


My next meeting was a rather rewarding one. After exchanging emails for many months, I finally met this contact who was until last year in Australia but had now moved back to India. He was asked to spearhead a billion dollar mining project in Australia, for one of the largest conglomerates in India. Once the foundations were set, he wanted to return to India but travels to Australia quite often. A busy man in his very important and large role, he was kind to give me twenty minutes where he wanted to know about my company, and myself. I presented him a copy of ‘Unearthing Wisdom’ – Insights from 20 Mining Leaders that Swann published on their 21st anniversary. He was delighted to accept the book and wished Swann well. I hope to see him soon, and wish him all the very best for the project he is working on.

India is booming. Everywhere we went, I saw construction and development. I am sure of the fact that five years from now, India will be ahead of a lot of its current counterparts. The new generation wants the country to change and is readily accepting that they are a huge part of that change. The government is supporting and pushing the changes to happen quicker. In all, a great time to be in India to witness the growth and change.

Swann has a unique combination of multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary teams across all offices. With strong understanding of the Indian culture embedded within the Swann team, we have a deepgrasp of the sensitivities to operate in such an environment. Swann welcomes opportunity to understand your human capital and consulting needs,to expand your business in the booming Indian economy.

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