Satisfying energy transition metal demand

The challenge of our time More than 20 years ago, I started analysing metals. First, [...]

Swann Interview Podcast 1: Professor Laeeque Daneshmend

In the first of Nona Sichinava's podcast series with leaders and experts in the natural [...]

Swann Commodity Market Update, September 2022

Summer lull hides a weakening economy Slower activity over the summer has brought a false [...]

Swann Commodity Market Update, August 2022

Commodity markets remain soft as recession fears linger The past month has seen bearish sentiment [...]

Swann Commodity Market Update, July 2022

Commodity markets tumble in June on recession fears The past month has seen a sharp [...]

Swann Commodity Market Update, June 2022

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Swann Commodity Market Report, May 2022

Copper prices fall in April, as lockdowns start to take their toll The past month [...]

Swann Commodity Market Report, April 2022

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Candice Zhao – A Tale of Two Cities

This month we celebrate Candice Zhao’s twelfth year with the Swann Group – a period [...]

Swann Commodity Market Review, March 2022

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine highlights critical vulnerabilities in the commodities system Prices for industrial commodities [...]