Swann Commodity Market Review 2020 and forecast for 2021

Dan Smith looks back at a tumultuous year and finds signs of commodity prices surging [...]

Swann’s most read mining blogs of the year

We reveal Swann's most read blogs of the year with links.

Swann Commodity Market Update, December 2020

Dan Smith's latest commodities report finds copper surging ahead while gold slumps, and scope for [...]

White Paper: Metal Megatrends 2035

In our latest white paper, Metal megatrends - Where will we be in 2035?, we [...]

Swann Commodity Market Update, November 2020

October saw mixed results with Europe and the US suffering high Covid infection rates and [...]

White Paper: Is the current composition of boards stifling the effectiveness of mining companies?

Mining needs a transformation; it needs to innovate and change the way it is perceived [...]

Safety tops the list of C-Suite concerns in the Global Leadership Report 2020

Swann is proud to be associated with the Mining Journal's Global Leadership Report, which includes [...]

Swann Commodity Market Update, October 2020

Q3 proved to be a bullish period for the commodities complex, with soaring iron ore [...]

Swann Group announces restructured leadership team

Swann Group has announced changes to its leadership team as part of the Group’s transition [...]

The most desirable leadership traits 2020

Mining Journal Intelligence is gearing up for the launch of the 2020 Global Leadership Report, [...]