Swann Commodity Market Update, September 2020

Dan Smith presents his monthly review of the commodity markets with a particular reference to [...]

Don’t get left behind: Agile leaders required for the digital economy.

Mohan R Tanniru’s work has demonstrated how digital leadership enables firms to deliver value through digital services. [...]

Racial diversity in geosciences – A shared responsibility

When Dr Kuheli Dutt first published her article ‘Race and Racism in the Geosciences’ with Nature [...]

Commodity markets are boosted by a speculative wave

There was a strong rally in the commodity markets in July, in many cases building [...]

White Paper: Macroeconomic drivers of mining employment – Copper

Dan Smith launches his White Paper, in which he looks at what the complicated economic [...]

Commodities: Reasons to be cheerful

As we emerge from the first Covid-19 lockdown, Dan Smith picks through data from the [...]

White Paper: Education and Industry – Addressing the mining skills gap

In this white paper, Dr Emily Goetsch researches the challenges facing educational institutions seeking to [...]

Swann Commodity Market Update, July 2020

Dan Smith reports on the latest trends in commodity prices with a focus on copper [...]

Succession Planning – The danger of continuity in a chaotic world.

When Internal succession planning results in the same kind of leadership to address a new [...]

Neurodiversity – how to attract and retain different ways of thinking

Diversity is often examined through the lens of gender or ethnicity. But it's important to [...]