Swann Interview Podcast 1: Professor Laeeque Daneshmend

Swann Interview Podcast 1: Professor Laeeque Daneshmend

In the first of Nona Sichinava’s podcast series with leaders and experts in the natural resources sector, she interviews Professor Laeeque Daneshmend, Noranda-Falconbridge Chair in Mine-Mechanical Engineering at Queen’s University, Canada.

“I think that most academics and engineering scientists working in other industry sectors are used to having the industry sector defining their problems and their needs for problem solving very clearly…

A lot of work had been put in by many people over decades, in that industry sector to figure out what they were trying to achieve in the long term.”

Professor Laeeque Daneshmend

In this wide-ranging conversation, Nona and Professor Laeeque Daneshmend discuss innovation in mining, the difference between transformational and incremental innovation, who is responsible for the drive for innovative ideas that make a difference, and whether we have the right expectation that technology can solve the biggest challenges of mining operations.

Nona Sichinava

Managing Director

As Managing Director of Swann, Nona is responsible for the growth and success of Swann and for evolving our suite of services to anticipate and meet the leadership needs of our clients in natural resources and related sectors.