Melbourne Mining Club – 25th Nov 2016

Melbourne Mining Club – Jean-Sebastien Jacques, Chief Executive, Rio Tinto

Swann Global at Melbourne Mining Club luncheon held on 25th Nov 2016 at one of Melbourne’s most iconic venues, Etihad Stadium presenting Chief Executive of Rio Tinto, Jean-Sebastien Jacques. Jean-Sebastien spoke passionately about Australia as the backbone of mining. The earlier sections of his speech gave us an overview on how economies are shifting, politics are becoming fragmented, climate is change and most importantly, how technology is changing the rules of the game. He maintained that the world needs minerals and metals and presented three key opportunities that Rio Tinto has identified – financial centre, technology powerhouse and innovative partnership.

We look forward to see what unfolds for Rio Tinto in their vision of Mining the future.

Full audio available here.

(L-R: Anu Arora, Lorraine Meldrum, Grace Tan)

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