Melbourne Mining Club August 4th 2016

Melbourne Mining Club August 4th 2016

Guest Speaker – Andrew Smith, Chairman Shell Australia

Swann Global had the great pleasure of hosting a diverse group of professionals as our guest at the Melbourne Mining Club luncheon on August 4th 2016. The guest speaker for the day was Mr. Andrew Smith, Chairman of Shell Australia. Shell Australia, the biggest resource investor in Australia is a 100%-owned subsidiary of global super major Royal Dutch Shell. The company’s significance in the energy space is most visible through its multi-billion dollar projects, focused on the extraction of natural gas, processing and export of LNG into the Pacific Basin markets. Shell has been involved in the Australia’s energy sector since 1901, beginning from when the company first imported its cargo of bulk kerosene into Melbourne’s Hobson’s Bay. During his presentation, Mr. Smith spoke about the debate surrounding Australian immigration as an economic stimulus to a sluggish economy and the often discussed topic on energy pricing.

Photo Credit: The Australian

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