Swann Interview Podcast 2: Jack Bedder

Jack Bedder

In the second of my podcast series with leaders and experts in the natural resources sector, I talk with Jack Bedder, co-founder and Director of Project Blue. The company was launched in 2022 to provide market intelligence on critical materials and energy transition supply chains. Before that, Jack was Head of Research at Roskill, leading its global team of analysts.

In our conversation, we discuss how the critical minerals list has evolved over the last hundred years or more. We consider the influence of military needs in the 20th Century (exemplified by the US  National Defence Stockpile and Strategic and Critical Materials Stockpiling Act of 1946), the energy transition of dominating more contemporary times, and the undeniable impact of lobbying. 

We also consider the balance between long-term strategic intent and the reality of being reactive to short-term needs, as well as the geopolitics of critical minerals. 

Jack explains his perspective with candour and insight. I hope you find the conversation as interesting as I did. 

Nona Sichinava

Managing Director

As Managing Director of Swann, Nona is responsible for the growth and success of Swann and for evolving our suite of services to anticipate and meet the leadership needs of our clients in natural resources and related sectors.