Swann Launches Landmark Book Celebrating 21 Years in Mining


The collective wisdom of 20 global mining industry leaders was unearthed today when Sir Arvi Parbo launched a new book “Unearthing Wisdom: Insights from 20 Mining Leaders” in Melbourne.

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The book includes an analysis of 20 in depth interviews with a diverse group of mining industry leaders. It has been written by three writers across three continents with the leaders being professionally, geographically, gender and culturally diverse and at a range of stages in their career.

The leaders have each expressed their views on a number of matters related to leadership such as career development, leadership styles, and the challenges they see facing future leaders.

When launching the book Sir Arvi said “Unearthing Wisdom will be very useful reading to all those who will be faced with the task of leading the industry into the future, as well as to young people contemplating careers in the industry and all those outside the industry who should or would like to understand it.

“The collection of such a wide variety of experiences in Unearthing Wisdom in such an easily readable manner is, as far as I know, unique.”

Sir Arvi noted that whilst some of the 20 leaders interviewed for the book have had to handle all the stages of the economic cycles along with the growth of anti-development activists, litigious attitudes and excessive regulation; others have entered the scene part way through these changes.  Some have additionally had to cope with issues specific to the particular parts of the world they have been active in. However, the one feature they all have in common is, that they have all been successful.

Sir Arvi congratulated Swann Global, the editor, writers, designers and printers “who, together, have produced a valuable, most attractive and eminently readable volume”.

When reviewing the book, John Murray, Group Managing Director of Swann Global said “over the last twenty years I have been in the very fortunate position of being able to listen to what our industry leaders have said … and observe, applaud, challenge and commend what they have achieved in an increasingly complex and testing global environment.

“I have observed that the leadership styles, methods, procedures, requirements and challenges of the past have provided little in the way of precedents for the present. What was current for yesterday’s environment is often inadequate for that of tomorrow – things can change that rapidly.  As a consequence, a different style and skill set is needed by our leaders – one for which there is no ‘manual’.

“Over the 20 year life of Swann Global I have worked with and watched the cycles where the builders, the acquirers, the entrepreneurs, the conservatives, have all made contributions to our fascinating and alluring industry. There is no doubt the cycle will turn again.”

The authors of the book are Philippa Anderson, Sophie Loras and John Ross.  The editor is Rod Lindblade and the book is published by Swann Global.
The leaders featured in the book include:
Tom Albanese, Paul Glasson, Xiaoling Liu, Binyan Ren, Terry Burgess, Chip Goodyear, Don Mercer, Nora Scheinkestel, Mark Cutifani, Diego Hernandez, Thras Moraitis, Ines Scotland, Clinton Dines, Samantha Hogg, Hugh Morgan, Ian Smith, David Garofalo, Lady Winifred Kamit, Tony O’Neill, Frank Xu

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