The ‘One Beyond 21’ review – A snapshot of Board compositions in FTSE100 companies

The societal representation of gender and ethnic diversity on UK boards has not matched the years of lobbying by actions groups and the UK government. Many global reports have supported board level diversity to enhance an organisation’s profitability and sustainability.

FTSE100 companies must gather momentum in promoting ethnically diverse minorities and female participation in the corridors leading to the boardroom.

The ‘Beyond One by ‘21’ by the Parker Review Committee examines the ethnic make-up of FTSE-100 boards. The review examines the failure of companies in reflecting current demographic trends on their Boards. A particular focus is given to the low levels of representation for ethnically diverse groups, a problem compounded by recent figures demonstrating that non-white ethnics groups will attribute 20% of the population in the UK by 2051. Key findings also reveal that a bare 8% of 1,087 current director positions in the FTSE 100 are held by directors of colour, of which 1.5% are UK citizens. The review lists pragmatic recommendations on recruitment protocols to pipeline development and succession planning in tackling this issue.

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