Advisory Practice

Swann’s advisors, coaches and researchers are sector specialists in mining, natural resources and associated services. Experienced in coaching and placing high-calibre individuals into leadership positions, they also advise candidates on the skills and experience needed to stay in the top tier of talent.

This in-house expertise is supplemented by our network of associates who can offer highly specialised knowledge in niche areas.

Our Advisory Practice services include:

Coaching and Mentoring

Team Dynamics

When a member of a leadership team is clearly struggling to perform, some organisations’ first instinct is to start looking for a replacement.

It may be surprising to know that at Swann, we recommend a radically different approach.

Often, an individual’s failure is a symptom of a wider problem in the team. And if that is the case, the next candidate is just as likely to flounder.

When you appreciate that the severance package, lost productivity, team disruption and associated costs can run into seven figures, the option of helping the individual to perform provides a very cost-effective alternative.

Swann’s team dynamics assessment pinpoints why leadership teams do not work well together and why normally capable people appear to be unable to deliver the results you expect.

We then coach your leadership team individually and collectively to raise their performance to another level.

This is a strategic approach focussed on and reporting against deliverable results that our coaches will agree with you at the start of the programme.

Clients experience significant, measurable results within three to six months, which compares favourably with the time required for a senior hire.

And if, at the end of the programme, we simply confirm your original concerns about one individual, the insights generated will put you in a powerful position to ensure a better fit next time, avoiding the enormous damage and costs of a poor hiring decision.

Individual Coaching and Mentoring

Swann also provides one-to-one mentoring and executive coaching to new members of your team, helping them settle in and start in the right way, and to existing senior leaders wishing to raise their game.

Strategic Advisory

Our seasoned advisory executives have practised at C suite level for decades. Each has practical experience in mining and natural resources.

Acting as a confidential sounding board to help you think through the most difficult strategic decisions, our advisors will objectively challenge assumptions and bring new perspectives.

They’ve been where you are and faced similar circumstances. Experienced in the art of leadership, change, and getting the best out of people, they will help you calibrate your ideas and achieve measurable results.

Unlike consultancies, we don’t come to you with predefined ideas and processes. We work to your agenda, with your teams, at your location to get the outcomes you need.

Clients value our advisory support during business-critical moments

  • Embarking on a change programme
  • Responding to new challenges and opportunities
  • People, assets or teams are not fulfilling their potential
  • Behaviours and politics are derailing the business
  • Processes are no longer fit for purpose
  • The executive team is overstretched
  • Management information systems fail to give you what you need
  • Whenever you need a trusted advisor to listen, discuss and challenge.


With an international team of researchers, Swann is well-placed to conduct primary and secondary research to provide valuable insights and identify trends to support decisions made by management teams and boards.

This in-house expertise is supplemented by our network of associates who can offer highly specialised knowledge in niche areas.

Our consulting, research and advisory services include:

  • Independent salary benchmarking
  • Sentiment assessment and test marketing for proposed IPOs or fund-raisings
  • Internal and external company perception and sentiment studies
  • Comparative assessment of talent attraction and retention strategies
  • Pay gap analysis
  • Peer group benchmarking
  • Assessment of incumbent management against a global talent pool
  • Leadership team dynamics assessment and facilitation.