Board Practice

For boards to be effective and meet the needs of all stakeholders, their members need to work together effectively towards shared goals. Strong, active leadership, vision, resilience and best practice governance are just some of the attributes needed to succeed.

Swann reviews, develops and advises the boards of natural resources clients worldwide.

Our role is to improve the performance of your board.

We help you establish the optimum composition of expertise, skills and diversity so your board works in unison to drive growth and benefit shareholders.

Our Board Practice services include:

Board-Level Search

We research and analyse the composition of your board, your long-term objectives and immediate needs to match the right board-level candidates to critical leadership roles such as:

  • Chairmen or Chairwomen
  • Non-Executive Directors
  • Senior Independent Directors
  • Independent Non-Executive Directors
  • Advisors and other supporting roles

New Boards

We also establish complete boards and leadership teams for companies looking to fund-raise and list on an exchange.

The success of fund-raising is dependent not only on the quality of your company’s assets, but also on your board and management team.

We ensure you are able to present a group of credible leaders who can work collectively and effectively as a leadership team.

We conduct global, independent searches for candidates who have gravitas and experience, and who are able to meet the highest standards of corporate governance to ensure you have the best possible chance of a successful IPO.

We recognise that boards benefit from diversity of thought and experience. So our search process will always encompass candidates from a variety of backgrounds, often extending into complementary industries.

Board Effectiveness Review

An objective board review enables directors to highlight areas for improvement, optimise collective strengths and identify gaps that are limiting overall performance.

Done well, a Board Effectiveness Review will have a measurable impact on the effectiveness of your business.

Yet the value of an external review is heavily dependent on the scope of the mandate, the readiness of the board to engage in a wide-ranging and open evaluation, and, crucially, the capability of the independent facilitator.

Our board review facilitators have decades of experience in mining, oil & gas, and associated industries between them. They have advised individuals and teams at the most senior levels about leadership, governance, team working and performance.

A Board Effectiveness Review from Swann will typically cover:







Competence Gaps













Team Dynamics


Board Advisory

We offer you a sounding board, backed by intelligent insight and knowledge of corporate governance best practice. We prepare your board to face the increasing pressure from stakeholders to exercise good judgement in a rapidly changing and increasingly complex operating environment.

Our board advisory services include:

  • Research and studies to address your specific brief
  • Succession planning
  • REM
  • HR due diligence
  • Peer analysis
  • Benchmarking