The Swann Difference

Swann has a deep understanding of the complex environment in which global, diversified mining companies operate, and how the right talent, information and advice can mitigate the challenges of operating in this environment.

Swann will partner with you to successfully identify outstanding candidates who have the capacity to develop and articulate strategic direction on a global stage. People who can provide transformational leadership of diverse cultures, build energetic, action-oriented leadership teams, and lead the delivery of organisational outcomes within complex environments.

What makes Swann different?


  • specialisation in the natural resources sector
  • global reach
  • commitment to sustainability and diversity in the natural resources sector
  • ongoing dedication to providing clients with solutions that are innovative and ‘future-proof’
  • long-term international relationships and exceptional network developed over more than two decades, built on trust and integrity
  • commitment to Thought Leadership

Services including C-Suite and Board global talent mapping, development and advisory to assist clients with their leadership and strategic needs.