WiRV – Professional Development Seminar

WiRV – Professional Development Seminar

Women in Mining and Resources Victoria (WiRV), a sub-committee of The AusIMM’s Women in Mining Network (WIMnet) is a voluntary, not-for-profit group which supports and provides opportunities for women who work in the water, energy, minerals, mining and natural resource management sectors. WiRV supports women in these sectors, and communicates in influential ways so that WiRV is known and respected for its contribution to the resources industry in Victoria.

Every year, WiRV organises two Professional Development seminars. Their earlier event held in March, was a huge hit and their second Professional Development event was recently held on 17th September 2015. WiRV successfully secured additional sponsorship from Coffey along with their proud sponsor, Newcrest Mining. The event was hosted at Victoria Room, Queen Victoria Women’s Centre in Melbourne CBD.

Anu Arora (Global Head of Research) from Swann Global had the opportunity to attend the seminar and came away inspired by the interesting presentations made by the speakers. The speakers for this event were: Debra Burlington (Facilitator) – Enhance Solutions; Fiona Triaca (Facilitator) – Naked Ambition and Lydia Lassila – Olympic Gold Medallist, Aerial Skiing.

Debra Burlington is a Master NLP practitioner. She uses her skills with NLP to create and facilitate leadership workshops that allow people to explore themselves as leaders and how they relate to others. Debra engaged with the audience by explaining how different leadership styles work for different teams, and how leaders need to believe in themselves and give themselves credit for the work they do. She also emphasised on the importance of team work and confidence.

Fiona Triaca is Co-Founder and Lead Innovator at Naked Ambition. She assists professionals in leveraging their personal brand and developing innovative solutions to achieve the seemingly impossible. Fiona, through her presentation, encouraged the importance of sharing our story in interesting ways in a corporate setting.

The final presentation was a motivational talk by Lydia Lassila, Olympic Gold Medallist in Aerial Skiing. Lydia’s talk inspired many, if not all, in the audience to dream big and chase their dreams. She shared from her personal experiences that the struggle will be tough and there will be many challenges throughout the path, but one has to maintain a positive mindset and stay focused on the ultimate goal. She also emphasised on the importance of surrounding ourselves with the right team in order to achieve our target.

Overall a great afternoon with like-minded professionals and a good combination of inspiring talks and interactive activities.

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