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The Mining Journal Intelligence Global Leadership Report 2021

Swann has once again partnered with Mining Journal Intelligence to produce the Global Leadership Report [...]

White Paper: Is the current composition of boards stifling the effectiveness of mining companies?

Mining needs a transformation; it needs to innovate and change the way it is perceived [...]

The most desirable leadership traits 2020

Mining Journal Intelligence is gearing up for the launch of the 2020 Global Leadership Report, [...]

Don’t get left behind: Agile leaders required for the digital economy.

Mohan R Tanniru’s work has demonstrated how digital leadership enables firms to deliver value through digital services. [...]

Succession Planning – The danger of continuity in a chaotic world.

When Internal succession planning results in the same kind of leadership to address a new [...]

Thriving in a post-Covid world

As we slowly begin to see the emergence of a post-Covid world – or perhaps [...]

Understand team dynamics to achieve team performance

Team Dynamics is still one of the key differentiators between performing and failing organisations. Yet [...]